Cooper Legal Group, LLC

Secure Your Intellectual Property

Cooper Legal Group assists clients with most aspects of intellectual property procurement, including the preparation and filing of patent applications, prosecution of patent applications to issuance, as well as obtaining trademark and copyright registrations.

Who We Are

The Cooper Legal Group was created with a focus on the protection of intellectual property in cutting-edge fields of technology, including, among other things, computing technologies and software.

The individuals at the firm strive to maintain a high degree of proficiency in the state of the art, in addition to keeping current with legal and business developments and best-practices trends in the field of intellectual property.

Offering a wide variety of services for inventors and practitioners, Cooper Legal Group can assist you with each step in the identification, procurement, and utilization of various intellectual property protections. Continue »

Patent Portal iPad App

Patent Portal App

Patent Portal is a free patent search tool for iPad developed by Cooper Legal Group that retrieves patents and patent applications from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

  • Search the USPTO for patents and patent applications based on title, date, application number, and more
  • View documents as searchable text
  • View documents as high-resolution images
  • Add notes to documents
  • Create document sets and email them to others with your notes. Continue »